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Thatched Roof Timber Work Repairs With the majority of thatched buildings being over 100 years old, especially in Dorset, the underlying timber roof structure is often in need of repair. Usually, problems are identified when stripping old layers of material, ready to lay a new coat.

purchase Gabapentin online Most often, deterioration is down to water penetrating the thatch and rotting the timbers. Woodworm and death watch beetle infestations can also necessitate replacing timbers. Whatever the damage, it’s important to remedy the underlying cause before sympathetically repairing the old timbers and rethatching.

Nowshera Cantonment We believe in a sensitive yet pragmatic approach to historic buildings. As much as possible of the ancient base layers of thatch and original roof structure are retained, providing they are sound. While at the same time recognising that these buildings must remain functional and safe. We can advise on the condition of your thatched roof and its timber structure and help you devise a strategy for its long term upkeep.

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