Services We can advise on all aspects of owning a thatch, from maintaining your roof through to complete rethatching.

  • Re-Thatch Depending on the type of material, thatched roofs need replacing every 20 to 50 years. In Dorset, wheat straw roofs are traditionally ‘re-coated’. This involves leaving in place the existing layers of thatch and adding a new layer on top. Water reed roofs will often need to be stripped right back to the timber structure, only then will a complete new coat of reed be thatched.

  • Re-Ridge

    come flirtare con un ragazzo su instagram The ridge is a sacrificial component and will usually need to be replaced two or more times during the life of a thatched roof, roughly every 10 to 15 years. Ranging from the functional ‘flush’ capping to lavish block patterned ridges, an array of styles are available. We can also provide straw animals to request!

  • New Build With experience working alongside architects and construction contractors, we are able to deliver new thatched roofs of any size to deadline. Using the latest fire protection techniques, we can supply and install the fire barriers and intumescent treatments that these projects often require.

  • Repairs

    When a thatched roof begins to show isolated signs of wear, it is sometimes possible to economically repair small sections, rather than re-thatch. Whenever there is doubt over the condition of a thatch, we can inspect the roof and advise on the best options.

  • Maintenance

    Periodic maintenance can extend the lifespan of a thatched roof whilst also improving the aesthetic appeal of a property. Usually all that’s required is brushing down any loose debris, overgrowths of moss, along with ‘dressing’ the roof.

    This is also an ideal opportunity to assess the condition of the thatch, identifying any potential issues before they deteriorate.

  • Insurance Surveys

    Insurance companies often require a report when arranging insurance for thatched properties. We are able to survey your thatched roof and provide a detailed condition appraisal. These cover all the information that an insurance agent needs, typically the general condition of the thatch, timber structure and chimney, as well as whether any fire protection precautions have been taken. The survey will also give the owner an indication of whether any immediate repair work is needed, in addition to the likely remaining lifespan of the thatch. A specialist thatch survey is also recommended when buying or selling a property.

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