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Thatched Roof Repair in Dorset When a thatched roof shows isolated signs of wear or damage, it’s usually possible to economically repair small sections of thatch, rather than replace an entire roof. A skilled master thatcher should be able to form seamless repairs in straw and reed, considerably improving a roof aesthetically while also extending its lifespan.

Haaksbergen One of the most common reasons to repair a thatched roof is isolated wear due to a concerntration of water running down it. For example; valleys where two perpendicular sections of roof meet, areas around a chimney, or sections of thatch which are under dripping eaves. These repairs usually involve removing damp, rotton material until dry, sound thatch is reached. New straw or reeds can then be applied, along with the appropriate fixings. In theory a thatched roof can be patched almost indefinitely, although there is inevitably a point where this becomes economically unviable. Storms and severe wind conditions can also inflict thatched roofs with damage. Thatch material can be blown from it’s fixings. This situation should be remedied as soon as possible because the lack of material will cause the surrounding areas of thatch to lose ‘tension’, resulting in future damage being much more likely. Animals can also damage and remove areas of straw or reed, sometimes with surprising efficiency. Repairing the damage is often simple enough for thatchers. Preventing further occurences can sometimes be easier said than done.

Whenever there is doubt over the condition of a thatch, we can inspect the roof and advise on the best options. For thatched roof repairs in Dorset and around the UK, please give us a call.

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